IODINE – Cure Uterine Fibroids by Seafood or Supplements

Warning: If you decide to take Iodine after reading this article and, after having discussed it with your doctor, please make sure you do not take more then 50mg per day and do not take it for long periods. Side effects include insomnia, weight loss, high blood pressure, bulging eyes, vision loss, anxiety, and a high pulse rate.

fibroids-seaweedA deficiency of Iodine is causing lots of problems, because every single cell in the human body needs Iodine. The Japanese people consume around 14mg of Iodine daily by taking seaweed and they have the lowest count of breast cancer in the world. If the body does not get Iodine, an increase risk of all kinds of cancer exists, including uterine fibroids.

Iodine can be found in a lot of sea foods: fish from the ocean (not freshwater), oysters, shellfish, kelp and seaweeds. Chemical salt, such as Iodized salt is not the same as unrefined sea salt, so it’s best to take unrefined sea salt to get your daily portion of Iodine. It can also be found in pineapple, artichoke, asparagus, eggs and dark green vegetables.

Iodine provides great energy and lifts any blockage of brain fog. Blood circulation improves, your skin improves and your bowel movements also improves. Iodine helps to improve lots of diseases, such as, autoimmune diseases and inflammatory conditions, cancers and lung diseases.

The Fibroidaway Supplement contains minerals and vitamins from dark green vegetables just as Iodine does. FibroidAway combines the power of super foods like pomegranate, beet root, aloe vera and acai berry into a single, easy-to-take supplement. There is no comparable uterine fibroid supplement on the market today in terms of vitamin and nutrient content.

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