Herbs That Help In the Reduction of Fibroids

Fibroids are a natural occurring growth in 20-25% of women over the age of 35. Among these women, many are searching for a natural cure. Change in diet is a beneficial first step, but a more aggressive solution is to add herbs to the diet. Studies have shown limited benefits of certain herbs in reducing the size of fibroids. A doctor should always be consulted before taking herbs to learn of their side effects as well as to be sure there are no interactions between them and any medications already prescribed or herbs being consumed.

In a trial that lasted up to 60 days, scientists found that there may be a link between consuming Tripterygium wilfordii and the reduction of fibroids. Tripterygium wilfordii is a Chinese herb commonly translated to thunder god vine or thunder duke god. It is historically used for fever reduction, edema and carbuncle. Taken occasionally, there are little side effects, but at medicinal levels, reproduction and immune system problems may occur.

Mifepristone is a medicine sometimes prescribed for the reduction of fibroids. This medicine works by increasing bleeding. Scientists have found that fibroids can further be reduced by the addition of an herb which helps with blood circulation. One herb that is found to be beneficial in this area is Guizhi Fuling. It is an ancient Chinese brown herb which is effective in preventing vascular injury protects against glutamate A combination of a Guizhi Fuling formula and mifepristone was found to be of greater benefit with the reduction of fibroids than mifepristone alone.

Asian Ginseng is another herb that can help in the reduction of the size of Fibroids. It works by reducing the stress hormones which includes estrogen. Reducing estrogen reduces fibroids “food” and thus aids in the reduction of their size. Asian Ginseng can be bought in natural food stores as well as grocery stores; it is a root that has a peculiar look of a human figure. It is often ground up and used in teas. Ginseng can also be bought in capsule.

Green tea is a very well known and commercially available substance that has been proven to be beneficial in the reduction of fibroids. In a study of 33 women, those who were given green tea saw a 32.6% reduction in the volume of fibroids as well as symptom severity which was reduced by 32.4% Adding fresh ginseng to your green tea can not only be a refreshing end to your day but can help reduce your fibroids.

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