Fibroid Surgery Myomectomy

What is fibroid surgery Myomectomy mean?

It is the surgical procedure employed to remove uterine fibroids (myoma). Fibroid surgery myomectomy will not alter uterus instead it remove the fibroids alone. Hence this procedure is called fibroidectomy. If the fibroid doesn’t respond to several medications such as Fibristal, Goserelin, buserelin and synarel then fibroid surgery myomectomy can be chosen. As well as if a patient is interested to have a baby after fibroid treatment then myomectomy is the right choice for them.

When to go for myomectomy?

Not all uterine fibroids need myomectomy treatment. If the fibroids create severe pelvic pain, internal bleeding and infertility then you have to ask your surgeon whether you need to go for fibroid surgery myomectomy procedure. There are different types of fibroid surgery myomectomy. They are laparoscopic, hysteroscopic and abdominal and vaginal myomectomy.

Benefits of myomectomy

Hysterectomy is the surgical procedure involving the complete removal of uterus along with ovaries, cervix or fallopian tube. Hysterectomy poses several risks to the woman who has undergone this medical procedure. It cause hormonal imbalance in the body disturbing the overall mental and physical health. The patient may suffer from heart problems, bone strength will get reduced and they may suffer from nausea. Surgical menopause occurs after hysterectomy. But fibroid surgery myomectomy doesn’t causes hormonal imbalance as it doesn’t involve the removal of uterus or ovaries. The patient will have a proper menstrual cycle.

Myomectomy during Pregnancy

If the fibroids have moved from the uterus to the endometrium then the endometrial cavity size get reduced. This will cause problem during child birth. So this situation has to be corrected by means of fibroid surgery myomectomy.

Risk of myomectomy

Even though it has lot of benefits, fibroid surgery myomectomy has some risk factors. Yes, as the fibroids alone are removed there may be chances of formation of other new fibroids from the smooth muscle tissue (myometrium). Recurrence of fibroids is the main problem associated with fibroid surgery myomectomy. During abdominal fibroid surgery myomectomy there may be heavy blood loss which needs huge transfusion of blood.
The patient undergoing fibroid surgery myomectomy may be given general anesthesia as the procedure is so invasive. There may be severe pain associated with this procedure. As the myomectomy procedure makes incision through the uterus there may be rupturing of uterine wall which causes problem during pregnancy so the woman has to deliver the baby through caesarean section.

Alternatives to myomectomy

Maintain good health with the help of proper exercises keep yourself away from fibroid surgery myomectomy. Eat a balanced diet to fight against fibroids.

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