What is the Cost of Fibroid Surgery in USA

What is the cost of fibroid surgery in the USA? When a woman first discovers that she has fibroids, she is probably first hit with worries about infertility. She may also be worried about how surgery will affect her and what her alternatives are. But after the shock settles, she may start having financial worries. With the rising costs of healthcare in the United States, this is a rational concern both on national and personal levels. Uterine fibroid treatment can actually be very costly. Fibroid treatment takes its toll not only on the woman who has the uterine growths, but also on her care taker.

When calculating the cost of fibroids to the entire US healthcare system, the price reaches in the billions for both conventional and alternative treatments. Surgical and other inpatient care of uterine cysts costs more than two billion dollars annually. Surgical procedures include hysterectomies and myomectomies.

  • Hysterectomies, the removal of the uterus, cost American women over a billion dollars a year. Myomectomies, the removal of fibroids, cost about two hundred million dollars.

The other fibroid cost to the nation comes in the form of missed work. Women miss a total of nine hundred thousand days for days spent in the hospital for hysterectomies. This amount is actually more days than for breast cancer sufferers. This doesn’t include days missed at home while the woman recovers from her surgery. The cost of fibroid surgery in terms of missed days of work also must include days missed by caretakers. When adding this cost, the total of missed days in the US can effectively be doubled.

But more specifically, a woman may be wondering the individual cost of a uterine fibroid diagnosis. Many doctors still recommend hysterectomies as the best course of action. Typically, a hysterectomy costs approximately $6000. A myomectomy costs about $5000. If you have medical insurance you may think you are in the clear. But the fact is that many plans actually do not cover myomectomies because they are not considered to be a definitive treatment. This fact leaves many women feeling like their options are limited and they have to get the money to cover the cost of  fibroid surgery. It only gives more stress and so fibroids grow stronger.

Nonetheless, another option is to naturally rid your body of the growths. The cost of this method is significantly less. It involves changing your diet and changing your lifestyle. This method might take longer, but costs less and in the end you have a healthier body. So after the shock of your diagnosis wears off, take some time to investigate all of your options and if you can avoid the cost of fibroid surgery

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